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Tallink Silja Line

Tallink Silja Line

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Tallink Silja Line Ferry Tickets - Check Prices and Book Online

Tallink Silja Line (Officially AS Tallink Group) is one of the largest passenger ferry operators in the Baltic Sea region. The company operates on seven shipping routes under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line. Tallink Silja Line operate a fleet of 19 high spec passenger ferries offering the very best in comfort and facilities including the latest addition to their fleet the new Baltic Queen.

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Tallink Silja Line - Further Information on Tallink Silja Line Ferry Services

Tallink Silja Line was formed in 2006 following the sale of Silja Line to the Estonian Tallink. The SuperSeaCats trafficking between Helsinki and Tallinn were not included in the sale as their purchase would have given Tallink a dominant market position on the route, which would have resulted in the competition regulators of Finland and Estonia not approving the sale.

As a result Sea Containers continued operating them under the SuperSeaCat brand. In late 2006 the land organisations of Tallink and Silja Line were reorganised in Finland so that Tallink Finland and Superfast Finland were merged into Oyj Silja Abp, which now took care of all Finnish operations of Tallink/Silja. Shortly afterwards Oyj Silja Abp was renamed into Tallink Silja Oy. Similarly the land organisations in Sweden became Tallink Silja AB.

  Tallink Silja Line's Victoria I

To date the Silja Line brand is seperated from Tallink with each vessel taking up only one of the brands in their naming and livery. However, most Silja Line marketing in Finland and Sweden has since the takeover been made under the combined Tallink Silja name.

In July 2008, the Tallink ship MS Galaxy replaced the Silja Festival on the Turku—Mariehamn—Stockholm route. The Galaxy was flagged to Sweden and the text Silja Line was painted on her hull sides. The Tallink logo has remained on her funnel and the Navitrolla-designed livery of the ship, which differs from the livery of other the Silja ships, was unaltered. The Silja Festival was in turn moved to Tallink's Stockholm-Riga, her funnel repainted in Tallink colors and the text Tallink on her sides. Silja Festival remained as her registered name even after the transfer.

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Tallink Silja Line Routes - Tallink Silja Line offer a wide range of Baltic Ferry Routes

Sail the Northen part of Baltic Sea on board one of Tallink's fantastic vessels. Tallink currently operate 6 routes.

Stockholm - Helsinki
Stockholm - Turku
Stockholm - Tallinn
Stokholm - Riga
Rostock - Helsinki
Helsinki - Tallinn

Tallink Silja Line Fleet - Tallink Silja Line Operate a Fleet of 17 Top Qulaity Vessels

Tallink Baltic Queen Romanticka Silja Line Ferry MS Galaxy

Tallink Baltic Princess - Tallink's Baltic Princess started operating on Helsinki-Tallinn route in July 2008. With a passenger capacity of 2,800 passengers it is one of the biggest cruise ferries in the Baltic Sea.

Tallink Baltic Queen - The Baltic Queen is the newest ship in the Tallink Silja Line fleet. The vessel operates between Tallinn and Stockholm. Passengers can enoy fantastic onboard facilities including, several different restaurants, five bars and three shops.

Silja Galaxy - Offering travel for nearly 3000 passengers in any one trip the Silja Galaxy offers ferry travel onboard a vessel you would expect to find operating as a full cruise ship.

Silja Serenade - A full range of top quality facilities awaits including, the heart of the ship, a full Promenade, where you can find a wide variety of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants.

Silja Symphony - Onboard Silja Symphony find a wide variety of shops, fashinating cafés and restaurants. Silja Symphony is the sister vessel of Silja Serenade.

Silja Europa - The biggest ferry in the Tallink Silja Line fleet (And the fouth biggest in the World - See Superferries) has an endless list of facilities on offer to entertain passengers during their crossing.

Tallink Romantika - Tallink Romantica, built in 2004, is the sister vessel of Victoria I and offers comfortable and modern cruise ferries operating under Tallink's brand between Stockholm and Tallinn.

Tallink Victoria I - Like sister ship Tallink Romantika, Victoria I operates on the Stockholm Tallink route offering croossing to 2500 passengers per journey in almost 700 cabins.

Tallink Star - Operating on the Helsinki - Tallinn route Tallink Star can carry up to 1900 passengers and includes a wide variety of comforts and facilities including a 120 seat business lounge complete with wireless internet connection.

Tallink Superstar - Combining fast and comfortable travel between the two capital cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, Tallink Superstar is a new vessel offering the vary latest in shipping technology and passenger comforts.

Tallink Festival - Silja Festival offers classic cruise facilties for passengers to enjoy during their baltic ferry adventure. Tallink Festival operates under the Tallink Brand.

Tallink Superfast VII
- Tallink Superfast VII along with sister vessels Tallink Superfast VIII & Tallink Superfast IX link the Central and the Northern Europe together on the Rostock-Helsinki line as well as a daily connection between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Tallink Superfast VIII - Built in Germany in 2001, along with her sisters Tallink Superfast VIII is a technological masterpiece, equipped with the latest, most sophisticated navigation systems guaranteeing a swift, safe and pleasant voayge.

Tallink Superfast IX - Operating on the Rostock-Helsinki route along with her sisters, Tallink Superfast IX offers fast, reliable passenger travel with fantastic onboard facilities.

Tallink Regina Baltica - Tallink Regina Baltica operates on Stockholm-Riga route. The vessel has lots to keep you occupied during the crossing including a showbar, pub, disco, different restaurants, children´s playroom and many other possibilities to enjoy the voyage.

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