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Tallink Silja Line

Tallink Ferries

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Tallink are a leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the Northern Baltic Sea region. Tallink's fleet of 10 passenger vessels allows them to offer a wide range of services and frequent departures. As a result of Tallink's ongoing investment and fleet renewal program, they currently deploy some of the most advanced cruise ferries in the Northern Baltic Sea region with state-of-the-art facilities, improved accommodation, larger onboard shopping areas and high quality onboard services. To see all Finland Ferry Routes Including Tallink - Click Here


Tallink Silja Line - Further Information on Tallink Ferry Services

Tallink is an Estonian shipping company currently operating cruiseferries and ropax ships from Estonia to Finland, Estonia to Sweden, Latvia to Sweden and Finland to Germany. They also own Silja Line, SeaWind Line and a part of SeaRail.

Tallink now own well know ferry brand, Silja Lines. Tallink have promised to maintain the Silja Line brand in the future. abandon such a well-known brand. In much of the marketing the brand Tallink Silja Line is now used.

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Tallink Routes

Sail the Northen part of Baltic Sea on board one of Tallink's fantastic vessels. Tallink currently operate 7 routes.

Stockholm - Helsinki
Stockholm - Turku
Stockholm - Tallinn
Stokholm - Riga
Rostock - Helsinki
Helsinki - Tallinn

Tallink Fleet

Tallink Baltic Queen

MS Baltic Queen is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonia based ferry operator Tallink and operated on their Tallinn - Mariehamn - Stockholm route. The ship was built by the STX Europe shipyard in Rauma, Finland. Initially known under the project name Cruise 5, Baltic Queen was ordered in April 2007 and delivered to Tallink on 16 April 2009. She is a sister ship to MS Galaxy and MS Baltic Princess and Tallink's fifth newbuilt cruiseferry.

Tallink Baltic Princess

MS Baltic Princess is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonia based ferry operator Tallink. She was built by Aker Finnyards New Shipyard in Helsinki, Finland in 2008. Baltic Princess was delivered to Tallink on July 10, 2008. The Baltic Princess was ordered as Tallink's fourth new cruiseferry in December 2005. After Tallink's purchase of Silja Line in 2006 it was revealed that the ship would replace MS Galaxy on the Tallinn - Helsinki ferry route.

Tallink MS Victoria I

MS Victoria I is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on a route connecting Stockholm, Sweden to Tallinn, Estonia via Mariehamn, Finland. She was built in 2004 by Aker Finnyards, Rauma. Although the ship's official name is Victoria I, she is often referred to as Victoria, without the number. This is also the name displayed on top of her superstructure, whereas the name is written in full form in the hull.

Tallink MS Romantika

MS Romantika is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on a route connecting Stockholm, Sweden to Riga, Latvia. She was built in 2002 by Aker Finnyards, Rauma and she was the first ever newbuilding to be delivered to Tallink. Between 2002 and 2006 the Romantika was used on the Helsinki - Tallinn route, until she was replaced by the new MS Galaxy. After this she was transferred to the Tallinn - Stockholm route, sailing parallel with her sister MS Victoria I.

The Tallink Superstar Ferry

The Tallink Superstar

Built in Italy, MS Superstaris is Tallink's new ropax ferry which operates on their Helsinki—Tallinn service.

The green external livery of the ship is according to Tallink promotion material meant to reflect the environmentally friendly aspects of the ship's design.

The onboard facilities include a three-deck high showlounge, four restaurants, cafeteria, two bars, a casino, a business lounge and various shops. The interiors of the ship have been designed by the Italian designers Carlo Ciribi and Alessandro Cestaro. MS Superstar is a fast ropax ferry owned by the Estonia-based Tallink and operated on their Helsinki—Tallinn service. She was built in 2008 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Ancona, Italy. The Superstar entered service on Tallink's Helsinki—Tallinn route on 21 April 2008.

Tallink MS Galaxy

MS Galaxy is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on a route connecting Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia. She was built in 2006 by Aker Finnyards, Rauma and was at the time the largest ship delivered to Tallink. She currently holds the distinction of being the largest ship ever to be registered in Estonia. SHe currently operates under the Silja Line brand.

Tallink MS Regina Baltica

MS Regina Baltica is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian shipping company Tallink on the line connecting Stockholm, Sweden with Riga, Latvia. She was built in 1980 as M/S Viking Song by Wärtsilä Perno shipyard, Finland for Rederi Ab Sally, one of the owners of the Viking Line consortium. She has also sailed under the names M/S Braemar and M/S Anna Karenina.

Tallink MS Star

MS Star is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink. She was built at Aker Finnyards Hietalahti shipyard, Helsinki, Finland and entered service on Tallink's Helsinki—Tallinn service on 12 April 2007. Star has three daily departures from both Helsinki and Tallinn, with one crossing taking two hours. In Tallink marketing, Star has often been referred to as "Tallink Star". The ship's planned original delivery date was 5 April 2007, but this was postponed until 12 April 2007, owing to problems with the main engines.

Tallink M/S Superfast VII

M/S Superfast VII is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on the route Tallinn (Estonia) — Helsinki (Finland) — Rostock (Germany). She was built in 2001 by Howaltswerke Deutsche Werft AG, Kiel, Germany for Attica Enterprises's subsidiary Superfast Ferries. In March 2006 Superfast sold their Baltic Sea operations to Tallink, but the name Superfast was mainteined as a marketing brand until the end of 2006. The ship was moved from Finnish to Estonian registry, and her route changed to Hanko — Paldiski — Rostock from April 2006 onwards. The route change caused problems however as Estonia was not a member of the Schengen Treaty (unlike Finland and Germany), and passport control facilities had to be built in all ports. Already in June of the same year the route reverted back to Hanko — Rostock. Around this same time the "Superfast" text on the ship's side was altered into "Superfast operated by Tallink". From the beginning on the year 2007 the ship's route changed to Tallinn — Helsinki — Rostock, and the Superfast logos and hull markings were replaced by Tallink's logos (however, the ship's red hull colour was retained).

Tallink MS Superfast VIII

MS Superfast VIII is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on the route Tallinn (Estonia) — Helsinki (Finland) — Rostock (Germany). She was built in 2001 by Howaltswerke Deutsche Werft AG, Kiel, Germany for Attica Enterprises's subsidiary Superfast Ferries' Hanko (Finland) — Rostock service.

In March 2006 Superfast sold their Baltic Sea operations to Tallink. Like her sisters, the Superfast VIII was moved from Finnish to Estonian registry, and her route changed to Hanko—Paldiski—Rostock from April 2006 onwards. The call at Paldiski proved to be impractical, an already in June of the same year the route reverted back to Hanko — Rostock. Around this time the ship's hull marking where changed to "Superfast operated by Tallink". Although there were rumours that the ships would be moved under Silja Line's brand from January 2007 onwards, they were instead officially made a part of Tallink's fleet. At the same time their route changed to Tallinn—Helsinki—Rostock. Between 5 and 12 April 2007 the ship was used on the Helsinki—Tallinn route due to a delay in the delivery of the new MS Star. After this she joined her sisters in the Rostock service.

Tallink MS Superfast IX

MS Superfast IX is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on the route Tallinn (Estonia) — Helsinki (Finland) — Rostock (Germany). From October 2008 onwards she will be chartered to the Canada-based Marine Atlantic under the name MV Atlantic Vision for service along Canada's eastern coast. She was built in 2002 by HDW, Kiel, Germany for Attica Enterprises's subsidiary Superfast Ferries and later sold to Tallink when they took over the route.

Tallink MS Vana Tallinn

MS Vana Tallinn (Old Tallinn in Estonian) is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonian ferry company Tallink and operated on the line between Stockholm and Riga. She was built in 1974 by Aalborg Skibsværft AS, Aalborg, Denmark for DFDS as MS Dana Regina, and has sailed under the names MS Nord Estonia and MS Thor Heyerdahl.

Tallink Ferries History

Backround of Tallink

History of the company known today as Tallink can be traced back to the year 1965 when the Soviet Union-based Estonian Shipping Company (ESCO) started passenger traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn with MS Vanemuine. Regular around-the-year traffic was started in 1968 with MS Tallinn, which served on the route until she was replaced by the new MS Georg Ots in 1980.

Tallink Between 1989-1992

In May 1989 ESCO formed a new subsidiary, Laevandusühisettevõte Tallink, together with the Finnish Palkkiyhtymä Oy. In December of the same year ESCO and Palkkiyhtymä purchased MS Scandinavian Sky from SeaEscape, and the ship began traffic on the Helsinki—Tallinn route in January 1990 as MS Tallink. Later in the same year the freighter MS Transestonia joined the Tallink on the Helsinki—Tallinn route and "Tallink" was established as the name of the company as well as the main ship. At the same time ESCO still operated the Georg Ots in the same route, essentially competing with its own daughter company. This conflict was resolved in September 1991 when the Georg Ots was chartered to Tallink. In the early 90's passenger numbers on Helsinki—Tallinn traffic were steadily increasing, and during winters between 1992 and 1995 Tallink chartered MS Saint Patrick II from Irish Ferries to increase capacity on the route.

Tallink Between 1993-2000

Tallink became a fully Estonian-owned company in 1993 when Palkkiyhtymä sold its shares of both the Tallink company and MS Tallink to ESCO. At this time other companies were establishing themselves on the lucrative Helsinki—Tallinn traffic, including the Estonian New Line, owned by the Tallinn-based Inreko. ESCO and Inreko saw no sense in competing with each other and in January 1994 Tallink and Inreko Laeva AS were merged into AS Eminre. Tallink remained the marketing name for the company's fleet. Later in the same year Inreko purchased MS Nord Estonia from EstLine (a daughter company of ESCO and the Swedish Nordström & Thulin Ab), renamed her MS Vana Tallinn and placed her in Helsinki—Tallinn traffic for Tallink. Inreko also brought with them two fast hydrofoils, HS Liisa and HS Laura which began serving under the Tallink Express brand. In 1994 Tallink also attempted traffic from Estonia to Germany for the first time, with two chartered ferries MS Balanga Queen and MS Ambassador II that were placed on the route Helsinki—Tallinn—Travemünde.

In September 1994 AS Eminre's operations were divided into two companies, one that took care of the traffic to Germany (which was soon closed down) and AS Hansatee which took the Helsinki—Tallinn traffic and the Tallink name. ESCO was clearly the dominant partner in Hansatee, controlling 45 % of the shares, whereas Inreko owned only 12,75 % (the remaining 42,25 % belonging to Ühispank, Estonia). In 1995 Hansatee brought the first large ferry into Helsinki—Tallinn traffic when they chartered MS Mare Balticum from EstLine and renamed her MS Meloodia. Following various disputes between ESCO and Inreko (most notably about the charter price of Vana Tallinn), Inreko sold their shares of AS Hansatee to ESCO in December 1996. At the same time Inreko sold the Tallink Express hydrofoils to Linda Line, Estonia, and begun operating the Vana Tallinn on Helsinki—Tallinn traffic under the name TH Ferries.

In 1997 a second large ferry was brought to Tallink's traffic when the company chartered MS Normandy from Stena Line. To replace the lost hydrofoils, Hansatee purchased a new express catamaran in May 1997, which was named MS Tallink Express I. At this time it was clear that two large ferries were needed for traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn, and when the Normandy's charter ended in December 1997 Tallink purchased MS Lion King from Stena Line, which entered traffic in February 1998 as MS Fantaasia. In July of the same year Tallink purchased the freighter MS Kapella which opened a line from Paldiski to Kappelskär, Tallink's first route to Sweden. In October the original MS Tallink, which no longer conformed modern safety regulations, was sold. Two months later Hansatee purchased the their first fast ferry capable of carrying cars, HSC Tallink AutoExpress.

Tallink Between 2000-2006

Tallink's first newbuild MS Romantika in Helsinki, February 2006.By the year 2000 ESCO had become the sole owner of EstLine, and in December 2000 EstLine's two ferries MS Regina Baltica and MS Baltic Kristina were chartered to Hansatee, and the line between Tallinn and Stockholm began to be marketed as a part of Tallink. A few months earlier, in August 2000, Hansatee had ordered their first newbuild from the Finnish Aker Finnyards. In June 2001 Tallink purchased HSC Tallink AutoExpress 2, while next month EstLine was declared bankrupt.

In 2002 AS Hansatee changed its name into AS Tallink Grupp, and in May of the same year the company took delivery of the brand new 2500-passenger cruiseferry MS Romantika, which was placed on Helsinki—Tallinn traffic. In November of the same year the classic Georg Ots was sold to the government of Russia. In 2004 three news ships joined Tallink's fleet, HSC Tallink AutoExpress 3 and HSC Tallink AutoExpress 4 alongside the Romantika's sister MS Victoria I which was placed on Tallinn—Stockholm route, replacing MS Fantaasia which in turn started a new route from Helsinki to St. Petersburg via Tallinn. This route proved unprofitable and was terminated in January 2005. Later in 2005 Tallink ordered a sister ship of the to-be delived MS Galaxy and a fast ropax ferry from Aker Finnyards as well as another ropax ferry from the Fincantieri yard in Italy. On December 9, 2005, Tallink was listed at Tallinn Stock Exchanges.

Tallink 2006-present

In 2006, Tallink purchased the Baltic Sea operations of Superfast Ferries from Attica Group, opened a route between Riga and Stockholm (with MS Fantaasia, which was within a month replaced by MS Regina Baltica), took delivery of the new MS Galaxy which replaced Romantika on the Tallinn–Helsinki route (Romantika was transferred the Tallinn—Stockholm route). A few months later Tallink purchased rival Silja Line from Sea Containers Ltd. In October of the same year the company expressed interest in making an offer to operate ferries on the state-subsidiarised routes between Gotland and the Swedish mainland for the period between 2009 and 2015.

From the beginning of 2007 the former Superfast ships were moved under the Tallink brand and their route changed to Tallinn—Helsinki—Rostock. At the same time Meloodia was chartered to Balearias, Spain for ten months. In April of the same year the company ordered a third Galaxy-class cruiseferry from Aker Yards. In November Tallink reported the Meloodia would be sold to an undisclosed Singapore-based company with delivery in December of the same year.

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