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Ferry Routes to and from Albania - 5 Albanian Ferry Services

Ferry Companies Serving Albania

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Albanian Ferry Routes

Book a choice of 5 ferry services to and from Albania with 4 services offer routes connecting the Albanian port of Durres with Bari in Italy whilst the other sails between Durres and Ancona. Choose from services from Adria Ferries, Tirrenia, Ventouris Ferries or Venezia Lines. We offer a selection of route types ranging from the quick ferry crossing onboard Venezia Lines fast craft to conventional services with longer crossing times.

Ferries from Italy to Albania
Ferry Operator Route Weekly Crossings* Average Crossing Duration**
Tirrenia Navigeziene Tirrenia Durres - Bari 7 Crossings 9 Hours
Adria Ferries Adria Ferries Durres - Bari 4 Crossings 8 Hours
Ventouris Ferries Ventouris Ferries Durres - Bari 4 Crossings 8 Hours
European Seaways European Seaways Durres - Bari 4 Crossings 9 Hours
Venezia Lines Venezia Lines Durres - Bari 3 Crossings 3 Hours + 30 Minutes
Adria Ferries Adria Ferries Durres - Ancona 3 Crossings 18 Hours

* The amount of weekly crossings can depend on the season. This number provides a rough guide.

**Crossing time should be used as a guide only.
Time can alter depending on conditions. Some service offer fast ferry and standard ferry services offering varying travel times.


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